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Citizen's Advice e-learning

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) has teamed up with Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) to launch an e-learning module.

The HCPC has been working with CAS to engage with frontline advisers at citizens advice bureaux in Scotland. The CAS is part of the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureau and is a national umbrella body that provides a range of services to the Scottish citizens’ advice bureaux. The bureaux are independent local charities run by volunteers who provide advice to people in over 250 locations.

Our aim is to teach advisers more about the HCPC, provide information on how to check the Register and where to direct individuals if they have a concern about a registered professional.

Working closely with CAS, we have developed an interactive module built for their ‘Advisor net’ e-learning system, which runs across Scotland. Advisor net takes advisors through information about the HCPC - the professions we regulate, our standards, how to raise a concern, education and training and our fitness to practise process - and then requires advisors to answer questions after reading each section to demonstrate their learning.

Through the e-learning module, we are supporting the local bureaux in Scotland, enabling them to continue to provide free, confidential, impartial and independent advice about health and other issues.

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