Check the Register

Why check the Register?

Professionals must be registered so you can be sure:

  • they are genuine;
  • they meet national standards; and
  • you are protected.

What is a protected title?
Each profession we regulate has at least one protected title such as 'chiropodist' or 'physiotherapist'. Anyone who practises in the UK using one of these protected titles must be registered with us or we will take legal action against them.

List of protected titles

What is registration?

Being registered with the HCPC means that a professional meets national standards and they are practising legally, safely and effectively, and they are entitled to use a protected title.

Check the Register

How does the HCPC monitor standards?

We investigate concerns raised about professions and can take action against those that do not meet our standards. We also approve the training and education programmes which entitle professionals to apply for registration with us. Once registered all professionals must undertake continuing professional development to keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

Our standards