Check the Register


This section includes information on what you need to know about the registration process.

Registration renewal

Each profession renews at a set time. Thses times are the same every two years and are staggered throughout the year.

To renew a registrant must complete the professional declaration and pay their registration fee on time.

Employers are notified when there is the risk of a registrant being removed from the Register but this only happens if a registrant has their work details on our system.

If an employee is removed, by law they are not allowed to practise using a protected title.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We define continuing professional development (CPD) as 'a range of learning activities through which health and care professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they retain their capacity to practice safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice'.

Put simply, CPD is the way professionals continue to learn and develop throughout their careers so they keep their skills and knowledge up to date and are able to work safely, legally and effectively.

2.5 per cent of each profession asked to submit profiles at the same time as their Renewal.

The CPD activities need to be relevant and proportionate to particular role.

Deferrals require supporting evidence, for example from employer or GP.

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International applicants

Only those who have undergone their professional training outside the United Kingdom can apply via the international route.

Assessment is made against standards of proficiency and entry is always at threshold level. During the assessment we carry out verification checks on identity, qualifications and professional standing.

Employer's responsibility to assess an individual's suitability for a specific role.

Language test is required for those who declare that English is not their first language and who are not exempt by holding European Economic Area citizenship. The ability to communicate effectively is part of standards of proficiency.

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