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Other regulators


We work closely with the other UK health regulators to share best practice in a variety of areas. These include HR, education, equality and diversity, communications and governance.

Systems regulators

We have a memorandum of understanding with The Care Quality Commission (CQC) that sets out the working relationship in relation to promoting patient safety and high quality care. We also have a joint operating protocol with the CQC (annex 2 of the memorandum of understanding) which sets out the operational model of how we cooperate together to share information.

We also have a memorandum of understanding with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) that sets out a framework to support the working relationships between the HCPC and the RQIA.

Social care

Social care regulation is a devolved matter in the UK, which means that there are three other social care regulators located in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We have a memorandum of understanding with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council, the Scottish Social Services Council and Social Care Wales that sets out the working relationship in relation to the regulation of social workers.

The last government introduced plans to set up a new regulator for Social workers in England, for more information and developments please visit theses dedicated webpages.


We are also members of a number of external organisations contributing to regulation and policy internationally. See below for a selection of some of these organisations.

UK Health Regulation Worldwide
We also maintain and host Health Regulation Worldwide, an online record of health regulators and professional bodies for the health and care professions. It is a growing database and is created by individuals emailing us with information about organisations and bodies. Visit to find out more.

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