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Current tenders

Details of current tender opportunities below.

HCPC1801 - Audio Recording, Transcription and Additional Services

The HCPC is seeking to establish a Framework Agreement for the provision of audio recording, transcription and additional services following expiry of the existing contracts.

The Framework Agreement would have a panel of four suppliers that will be available to provide the services to the HCPC and potentially to other Regulators.

See attached documents below:

Contract Notice 2018-OJS097-221656-en

Corrigendum-Notice for changes or Additional Information - 2018-OJS102-233799-en

HCPC1801 - Selection Questionnaire - Audio Recording Transciption and Additional Services

HCPC1801 - SQ - Appendix C - Data Handling Clauses

HCPC1801 - Draft ITT - Recording Transcription and Additional Services Framework

HCPC1801 - Draft Framework Agreement Terms and Conditions

HCPC1801 - SQ - Clarification Questions - Answers

HCPC1801 - Draft call Off Contract (Framework Schedule 4)

HCPC1801 - Audio Recording Transcription and Additional Services Clarification Questions Answers

HCPC1801 ITT 6 Pricing schedule update

HCPC1801 - Contract award notice

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