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Standards of conduct, performance and ethics

Our standards of conduct, performance and ethics (SCPE) are the ethical framework within which HCPC registrants must work. It is important that registrants read and understand this document.

What are the standards of conduct, performance and ethics (SCPE)?

The SCPE are the standards we set for all the professionals on our Register, stating in broad terms our expectations of their behaviour and conduct.

They are important because they help us make decisions about the character of professionals who apply to our Register and we use them if someone raises a concern about a registrant’s practice.

Importantly for service users they outline what the public should expect from their health and care professional.

We consulted in 2015 on revised standards of conduct, performance and ethics. These standards were adopted and published on Tuesday 26 January 2016.

Download the revised SCPE here

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View the video introducing the SCPE

Watch the Webinar recorded from our event introducing the revised Standards

Reviewing the Standards

The review began in late 2012 with a number of commissioned projects seeking views from a wide range of stakeholders including: engagement with service users and carers, focus groups and interviews with registrants and employers.

A working group was then formed comprising a range of stakeholders including service users and carers, professional bodies, employers and registrants.

The group reviewed the evidence gathered and proposed a number of changes, aimed at making sure the standards were up to date and relevant to current practice, as well as more practical and accessible for service users. Among these changes is the addition of new requirements for professionals to report their concerns about safety; to be open with service users if something goes wrong; and to use social media appropriately.

Watch the video below for more information about the SCPE and the revision.

Questions about the standards

If you are unsure how to interpret these standards, then you should write to, or email the Director of Policy and Standards at the following address:

Policy and Standards Department
Health and Care Professions Council
184 Kennington Park Road
London SE11 4BU

Email: policy@hcpc-uk.org

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